Okay seriously people at school need to mind there own business and go about there stupid lives. Whatever they do seriously hurts people and they need to learn that talking back to teachers and almost getting arrested isn’t cool. It just makes you more of a loser than you already are.

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My serious Blog staystrongtoniOn my other blog i have funny things and on occasions i would post serious stuff but on this blog i want to post things that make my heart feel like it isn't alone. i will post songs from Demi Lovato's new album Unbroken and any other new singles that come out. I also love Harry Potter so you will find some Harry Potter things on this blog no matter what. Please follow my other blog tearingthealreadytornheart.tumblr.com
Also most of the things I post here are from experiences that I have had and I hope you can relate. I do think up of most of the poems and stories I post.
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